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10 January 2011

Excel....The Versatile tool

 I will not bore you with the what, why, who and how of Excel. here. If you are interested, please visit our friend Wikipedia's page here to know abut the details.

I will be trying to give my two bits of info about Excel related topics - mostly info that I have tried to gather when I was a student myself. I will try to make it as clear and concise as possible.

This may not be the only place where you can get this kind of info, but I will definitely try to make it one of the places where you would want to check first.

Hope this Helps.

P.S : If you want something in particular do send me a note either in comments of by way of "contact me" option in my profile. No Spamming Please.


  1. i need excel this term so ill follow this blog

  2. Cool stuff! I need to know my about excel for the career path im choosing, look forward to the next post!!

  3. Very usefull info man, cant hurt to brush up on my excell ;D

  4. I use Excel a lot. Did minor calculations in it, too, before google started their maths add-in.