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15 January 2011

Formulas in Excel

 Some Info for formulas:
  • All formulas begin with a = sign
  • To enter a formula, Simply click on the cell, and start typing the formula. Remember the “equal to” sign.
  • The simple mathematical operators that can be used are 
                          *              Multiplication
/               Division                         
                         +              Addition                        
                          -              Subtraction
  • Always remember the order of operations, indicating which procedures need to be performed first in the given mathematical expression. (DON'T PANIC; it gets easier as you keep on doing it).
  • Mnemonics like BE(I)DMAS and PEDMAS can help a lot. Wiki Article Mnemonics Link Here 
              It stands for Parentheses (Brackets), Exponentiation (Index), Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction.
  • When in doubt USE PARENTHESIS/BRACKETS to indicate the preference of operations.
              So in future instead of writing 2*4-5  write it as (2*4) - 5 and read it as "2 times 4 and then minus 5"
              Once you start reading the formulas correct the battle is won. 
  •  Formulas like  =21*5 will yield result when enter/return is pressed. This will stay static.
  •  Formulas which use the cells as operands i.e., like =D3+E3 will result in the sum of cells D3 and E3. This will change results once the values in the mentioned cells change. Note that a  blank cell is treated as zero.
            These are the basic formulas. 

Other than this there are some inbuilt formulas and you can use complex mathematical operands in excel. More about it in the later posts.

Hope this Helps.


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